New Home Celebratory Basket

Housewarming Gift Basket

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There are few things better than receiving some happy mail. The HAPPY NEW HOME Basket is a thoughtful gift that you can send to yourself or to a friend (near or far!) to congratulate them on the purchase of a new home, or moving to a new location!

Housewarming Gift Basket Includes:

  • Honey Brush Design Handmade Tea Towel
  • Coffee
  • Acacia Wood Coffee Spoon
  • Bergamot Fresh Fig Candle
  • Smudge, Room Spray
  • Natural Hand Soap in Lemongrass
  • Greeting Card
  • Keepsake Basket
  • Ribbon

Housewarming Gift Basket contents:

White Postcard

White Postcard

Quantity: 1 Please choose

White Postcard with Your Message

Bergamot Sweet Fig Candle

Bergamot and Fresh Fig PaddyWax Soy candle

Quantity: 1

This scented jar candle is inspired by the American West, and come in beautifully designed concrete vessel that is etched and painted by hand. 

This candle is filled with an airy fragrance and topped with a wooden lid.


Coffee Manufactory/Filter

Quantity: 1

The focus for  02 Filter blend is to combine two high quality in-season offerings with complementing flavor profiles to maximize complexity.

50% Honduras Santa Ana

50% Ethiopia Duromina Lot #3

Cupping Notes: Puff pastry, bakers chocolate, strawberry.

Herbs Tea Towel

Herbs Tea Towel

Quantity: 1

This beautiful 100% cotton flour sack tea towel from Honey Brush Design is durable and absorbent! The more the towel is washed, the softer and more absorbent it will become!

Room Spray

Smudge Room Spray

Quantity: 1

Smudge Room Spray is an all natural room cleansing spray that works to clear out old, stagnant energy. The benefits of smudging include increased energy, improved sleep, and calming & relaxing effects. Infused with dead sea salts, rosemary, lemon, and myrrh oils, this spray offers a meaningful (and smoke-free) way of shifting the energy of a space while calming and refreshing the mind.

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, Cane alcohol, Sea salt, Citrus x limon (lemon) essential oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) essential oil, Commiphora myrrha (myrrh) essential oil

Lemongrass Hand Soap

Natural Hand Soap Pump 8oz Lemongrass

Quantity: 1

  Whispering Willow natural hand soap has a unique blend of organic oils including coconut, olive, and jojoba.  This recipe creates a rich lather that moisturizes and nourishes your hands while you wash. The addition of essential oils gives the soap a fresh, clean scent; providing a hint of aromatherapy that will focus the mind and ease the spirit.

Ingredients: distilled water, organic olive oil, sodium borate, organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, organic jojoba oil, organic essential oil

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