Relaxation Gift Basket

Relaxation Gift Basket

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This wellbeing gift set is ideal for someone who has difficulty relaxing and resting. This collection of evening rituals brings together the soothing essential oils of lavender, cedarwood and chamomile to promote restful sleep and a calm mind and body.

Relaxation Gift Basket:

  •  Whipped Body Butter/ Cedar Rose
  •  Bath Tea - Chamomile & Lavender
  •  Zenful Sleep Roller Blend
  •  Sage Que Bottle 12 oz
  •  Moon Velvet Face Mask
  •  Bar Soap - Lavender
  •  Lavender Eye Pillow
  •  Lapcos Charcoal Face Mask
  •  Everyday, Jasmine Face Mask
  • Personalized Card
  • Small White Wash Basket
  • Ribbon

Relaxation Gift Basket contents:

White Postcard

White Postcard

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Face Mask

Everyday, Jasmine Moisturizing Mask

Quantity: 1

From this lovely scented flower comes super nutritious ingredients for your skin! Aiding in moisture and healing, this jasmine-infused sheet mask will give your skin the perfect amount of TLC to help your skin renew itself. FaceTory says no to animal cruelty, harsh chemicals, and artificial

Face Mask

Moon Velvet Moisturizing Cream Mask

Quantity: 1

Pamper yourself during a night in with the moon velvet moisturizing cream mask! This eco-friendly Tencel sheet mask hugs the contours of your face with a creamy essence. Use this at night to wake up with velvety soft skin!  Key ingredients + benefits: 1. Shea butter - softens dry skin and seals in moisture by forming a protective barrier over the skin.  2. Sodium hyaluronate - a water-binding ingredient that brings moisture to dry, parched skin.

Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter/ Cedar and Rose

Quantity: 1

Cedar + Rose- rose absolute and cedarwood

Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, ricebran oil, essential oils

Lemongrass Soap

Bar Soap - Lemongrass

Quantity: 1

 Whispering Willow Lemongrass soap has a fresh, clean aroma that awakens the senses and clears the mind. The rich lather from our unique blend of organic oils and shea butter gently cleanses the skin while moisturizing and providing essential vitamins and nutrients.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, distilled water, organic olive oil, sodium hydroxide, organic sunflower oil, organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, organic lemongrass essential oil
Made in United States of America

Bath Tea

Bath Tea - Chamomile & Lavender

Quantity: 1

Chamomile & Lavender Ingredients: Dried lavender buds, sea salt, bentonite clay, chamomile flower powder, lavender essential oil

Zenful Sleep Roller

Zenful Sleep Roller Blend

Quantity: 1

Feeling un-zzzleepy? Soothe out your senses with this crystal infused roller blend. It’s beautifully blended with aromatic oils of lavender and Roman chamomile to facilitate peace and relaxation before you teleport to dream world. You will also be reaping the healing properties of the amethyst crystal that’s infused in the roller blend. Infused with lavender buds, cornflower petals, and rose petals.

Que Bottle

Cloudy Grey Que Bottle 20oz

Quantity: 1

100% food-grade silicone, FDA/LFGB approved. Durable and non-toxic. Lightweight, stylish, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. Expanded height: 8.4 in. Collapsed height: 4.8 in.

Lavender Eye Pillow

Eye Pillow, Lavender- Mint

Quantity: 1

 This Lavender Eye Pillows are wonderful gifts for those who regularly practice yoga or meditation or anyone who enjoys using aromatherapy for rest and relaxation.  

Ingredients: wonderfully soft 100% cotton flannel filled with organic lavender flowers and organic flax seed.

Charcoal Face Mask

Lapcos Charcoal Face Mask

Quantity: 1

Charcoal’s detoxifying abilities have been celebrated and utilized for centuries for whole body health.

Lapcos sheet mask, which features fine Charcoal powder, similarly works to:


Key Ingredients :
Salicylic Acid
Clarifying & brightening, a beta hydroxy acid, which makes it particularly effective in ridding skin of acne and blemishes
Tea Tree Oil
Hydrating & soothing, an essential oil with benefits for skin, hair and nails
Charcoal Extract
Detoxifying & tightening, known for its unparalleled abilities to draw bacteria, impurities, chemicals and dirt to the skin’s surface

Recommended Skin Type: Normal

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