Happy Hour Gift Box

Happy Hour Gift Box

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  Toast all your best friends, clients, and team members with this Happy Hour gift box. 

Happy Hour Gift Box Includes:

  • Mood shower steamers organic botanically dyed
  • Porter Terrazzo Mug - Cream
  • Luxe Mini Sugar Cubes
  • Wooden Box
  • Ribbon

Happy Hour Gift Box contents:

White Postcard

White Postcard

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White Postcard with Your Message

Mood Shower Steamers

Mood shower steamers organic botanically dyed

Quantity: 1

 Euphoric boosting blend will put you in the best mood. epsom salts + baking soda + witch hazel + pink rose clay + pepperberry + rose + peppermint + dried botanicals. This is a 2 pack rice paper stand up pouch. vegan/cruelty free/botanically dyed/organic/natural/no synthetic fragrances

Porter Terrazzo Mug

Porter Terrazzo Mug - Cream

Quantity: 1

Terrazzo is an iconic composite material originally developed in Venice, Italy. Traditionally made from a binder material of concrete–filled with bits of colorful stone, we crafted our limited edition Terrazzo collection from 100% food–safe silicone.

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