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Fresh House Gift Box/Floral

Fresh house Box
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The "Fresh House" gift box is the perfect eco-friendly present for a friend or loved one who cares about sustainability. The beautifully curated box includes a wooden wick candle, which is made from natural soy wax and features coastal scent of driftwood. The dish washing sponge cloth and brush are both made from sustainable materials, ensuring that they will not harm the environment when they eventually need to be disposed of. The compostable soap dish is perfect for storing bar soap. Finally, the set is rounded out with a set of four watercolor coasters made from recycled materials, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverage while keeping your tabletops clean and protected.

Fresh House Gift Box Includes:

  • Wooden Wick Candle Tin/Driftwood
  • CASA AGAVE® Dish Washing Brush
  • WASHCLOUD® EDO GINKO™ Nordic Dish Washing Sponge Cloth
  • Zero Waste Soap Dish - Compostable Soap Dish
  • Watercolor Coasters-set of 4
  • Pinstripe Kraft Gift Box
  • Ribbon
  • Personalized Note



White Postcard

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Soap Dish

Zero Waste Soap Dish - Compostable Soap Dish

Quantity: 1

This dish quickly drains water off of your soaps to help them last longer, and catches all the water in the tray below without making a mess on countertops. The bamboo grid that holds the soap comes out of the tray for easy cleaning. This whole soap dish is 100% compostable at the end of its life! 

Dish Cloth Sponge

WASHCLOUD® EDO GINKO™ Nordic Dish Washing Sponge Cloth

Quantity: 1

WASHCLOUD® is the eco-friendly Nordic dish sponge cloth that will clean dishes more efficiently than a normal sponge - made with renewable, biodegradable materials.

Driftwood Candle

Wooden Wick Candle Tin/Driftwood

Quantity: 1

Notes: seaweed • driftwood • lavender • incense • brine

4 ounce candle with wooden wick | 30+ hours of burn time

Dish Brush

CASA AGAVE® Dish Washing Brush

Quantity: 1

The CASA AGAVE® dish brush is an easy replacement for your plastic dish brushes and sponges in the kitchen and home. With a bamboo handle and medium weight agave fiber bristles, it is ideal for general dish washing. It can also be used on vegetables that need a good scrub!