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Out of Office Gift Basket

Out of Office Basket
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Our Out of Office Gift Basket is packed with luxurious goodies, perfect for creating your own personal oasis. Stay cool and refreshed on a hot day with the refreshing and hydrating lemon turmeric botanical water. Bursting with flavor and nutrients, this delicious drink is perfect for quenching your thirst.

Relax and unwind with the Moroccan rose mint bath soak. Rich in minerals and antioxidants, this luxurious bath soak will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and nourished. And with its beautiful scent, you'll feel like you're in a spa right in the comfort of your own home.Elevate your self-care game with the facial steam, made with all-natural ingredients. This steam will help to open up your pores, release toxins, and leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Indulge in the exotic fruit serum, packed with vitamins and antioxidants. This serum will leave your skin feeling hydrated, glowing, and radiant.The stylish cotton net beach bag is perfect for carrying all your essentials, while the santorini candle sets the mood and creates a relaxing ambiance. And to top it all off, we've included a personalized note, so you can let your loved one know just how much they mean to you.

Whether you're taking a staycation or jetting off to a tropical paradise, our Out of Office Gift Box has everything you need to unwind, relax, and enjoy some well-deserved me-time. Great sustainable gift for employees, clients or business or owners. 


Out of Office Gift Basket Includes:

  •  Mini Dead Sea Bath Soak/Moroccan Mint Rose
  •  Calming Facial steam
  •  Organic Cotton Net Beach Bag
  •  Cotton Beach Towel- Beige
  •  Dragonfruit Prickly Pear Goji Exotic Oil Serum
  •  Sparkling Lemon Turmeric Botanical Water
  •  Santorini 3.5 Oz. Soy Candle - Mini
  •  Personalized Note
  •  White Wash Basket
  •  Ribbon



White Postcard

Quantity: 1 Please choose

White Postcard with Your Message

Beach Bag

Organic Cotton Net Beach Bag

Quantity: 1

Reusable organic net bag!

Uses: Farmers market, fruits, vegetables, beach bag, and so much more!

Lemon Water

Sparkling Lemon Turmeric Botanical Water

Quantity: 1

The best way to start your morning is with Moment Lemon Turmeric. Zesty lemons brighten up fresh turmeric for this gut-friendly sip.

🍊 Find clarity with L-theanine: Nootropic found in green tea. Increases alpha brainwaves - the same ones you experience when meditating or being creative. Improves focus, attention, and mental clarity

🍊 Reset with ashwagandha: Ancient Ayurvedic adaptogen and supplement from India. Boosts brain function and concentration, lowers cortisol levels, and helps fight stress and anxiety

🍊 No sugar & low calorie: Full of flavor and deliciously sweetened with a dash of natural sweeteners (stevia, monk fruit, and erythritol). Fat free and healthy. Keto friendly

🍊No caffeine & no junk: No artificial ingredients. Non-GMO. Non-carbonated. Not made from concentrates. Organic apple cider vinegar for vitality. Just simple and natural (like life should be)

Moroccan Mint Rose Bath Soak

Mini Dead Sea Bath Soak/Moroccan Mint Rose

Quantity: 1

Formulated with the finest himalayan pink rock salt and dead sea salt to soothe and calm. Rich in minerals leaving your skin soft and with a deep clean. 

Ingredients: dead sea salt, himalayan pink rock salt, green tea leaves, moroccan mint, rose petals, rose de mai absolute oil 

Exotic Serum

Dragonfruit Prickly Pear Goji Exotic Oil Serum

Quantity: 1

Earth's finest essential fruit seed oils for supreme moisturizing and quick absorption. 100% pure, organic, non-gmo, and vegan. formulated for fast absorption. Aids in collagen production. Smooths, hydrates, plumps, & balances the skin. Protects against free radical sun damage. Acne treatment & prevention. Contains over 19 amino acids in powerful anti-aging antioxidants dragonfruit seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, and goji berry oil.

Beach Towel

Cotton Beach Towel- Beige

Quantity: 1

You can use as bath towel, beach towel, pool towel, picnic blanket, yoga mat, gym towel and sarong, Our pesthemal towel is highly absorbent and incredibly fast drying.

Santorini Soy Candle

Santorini 3.5 Oz. Soy Candle - Mini

Quantity: 1

notes: fig, jasmine, moss || Whitewashed houses. Blue-domed churches. Winding pathways. The promise of adventure and excitement around each corner and at the crest of each hill. The smooth, gentle notes of gold + ivy’s Santorini will send you soaring across the ocean to the islands of Greece, bringing to mind sun-kissed cheeks and breathtaking vistas.

Facial Steam

Calming Facial Steam

Quantity: 1

Bonnie Calming Facial Steam is a blend of carefully selected herbs to calm redness and irritation, with aroma to ease anxiety. Ingredients: Rose flower, lavender flower, Calendula flower, Arnica flower, Alfalfa leaf, Borage leaf, Meadowsweet herb