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Holiday Lavender Spa Gift Box

Holiday Lavender Spa Box
Price: $ 90 .00 Available: 5

Our Holiday Lavender Spa gift box is a luxurious collection crafted to bring tranquility and bliss. Immerse yourself in relaxation with the soothing lavender geranium steamers and indulge in the calming lavender bar soap. Nourish your skin with the refreshing lemon lavender lotion and experience the peacefulness of the lavender-filled eye pillow. Set a serene ambiance with the enchanting rosemary mint candle, while savoring the delightful blueberry lavender chocolate bar. Adorned with a festive ribbon and personalized card, this gift box is perfect for pampering yourself or surprising someone special. Elevate your holiday experience with our Holiday Lavender Spa gift box, a remarkable gift that embodies relaxation and serenity.

Holiday Lavender Spa Box:

  •  Goat Milk Lotion/ Lemon & Lavender
  •  Large Inclusion Bar - Blueberry Lavender
  •  Shower Steamers/Lavender Geranium
  •  Stress Relief Lavender Eye Pillow - Leaves Shadows
  •  Terre a Terre Lavender Exfoliating Soap
  •  Rosemary Mint : Tin Soy Candle
  • Top Slide Wooden Box
  • Personalized Box
  • Festive Ribbon


White Postcard

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White Postcard with Your Message

Lemon Lavender Lotion

Goat Milk Lotion/ Lemon & Lavender

Quantity: 1

This seriously luxurious lotion contains goat's milk, honey, and natural shea butter. Lemon Lavender Scent

Blueberry Lavender Chocolate Bar

Large Inclusion Bar - Blueberry Lavender

Quantity: 1

Inclusion Bar - Almonds + Blueberries + Lavender. Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Lavender Geranium Steamers

Shower Steamers/Lavender Geranium

Quantity: 1

These calming lavender shower steamers relax body and mind and are perfect for evening showers. Each box contains 2 lavender geranium shower steamers. 

Eye Pillow

Stress Relief Lavender Eye Pillow - Leaves Shadows

Quantity: 1

Ingredients: Long grain rice, organic dried lavender buds and organic Bulgarian lavender essential oil.

Lavender Soap

Terre a Terre Lavender Exfoliating Soap

Quantity: 1

Terre a Terre Lavender Exfoliating Soap. Triple-milled using centuries-old artisanal methods to produce a long-lasting bar with a luxuriously rich lather to leave your skin cleansed and delicately scented.  Cruelty-Free and Vegan. Formulated without Parabens, BHT, SLS, Phthalates, Gluten, Soy, GMO.

Rosemary Mint Candle

Rosemary Mint : Tin Soy Candle

Quantity: 1

Herbaceous rosemary and fresh mint dance in this very fresh, rejuvenating scent.