Self- Care Sunday Spa Gift Box

Self care Sunday Gift Box
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Indulge in a Self- Care Sunday with our curated gift basket. Featuring a versatile recycled glass candle doubling as a cocktail glass,  aromatherapy necklace, lavender- infused spa essentials with an eye pillow, a delectable blueberry lavender chocolate bar, and a rejuvenating dry brush, this collection sets the stage for blissful spa day at home. Great birthday gift, mother's day gift, thinking of you or a self-care gift.

Self-Care Sunday Spa Gift Box:

  • Terre a Terre Lavender Exfoliating Soap
  •  Recycled Glass Candle /Rose Water Lemon
  •  Large Inclusion Bar - Blueberry Lavender
  •  Stress Relief Lavender Eye Pillow - Leaves Shadows
  •  Shower Steamers/Lavender Geranium
  •  Sisal Exfoliating Dry Brush
  •  Mandala Aromatherapy Essential Oil Necklace Jewelry
  •  Aronyx Vegan Hand Cream Lotion/La Foret
  • Large white wash gift basket
  • Personalized Note
  • Ribbon




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Lavender Soap

Terre a Terre Lavender Exfoliating Soap

Quantity: 1

Terre a Terre Lavender Exfoliating Soap. Triple-milled using centuries-old artisanal methods to produce a long-lasting bar with a luxuriously rich lather to leave your skin cleansed and delicately scented.  Cruelty-Free and Vegan. Formulated without Parabens, BHT, SLS, Phthalates, Gluten, Soy, GMO.

Rose Water Lemon Candle

Recycled Glass Candle /Rose Water Lemon

Quantity: 1

These candles provide a beautiful glow, and then when the candle is done, the glass tumblers make the perfect cocktail glasses. 10oz recycled glass tumbler with paper dust cover • Approx 50-60+ hours of burn time.

Eye Pillow

Stress Relief Lavender Eye Pillow - Leaves Shadows

Quantity: 1

Ingredients: Long grain rice, organic dried lavender buds and organic Bulgarian lavender essential oil.

Blueberry Lavender Chocolate Bar

Large Inclusion Bar - Blueberry Lavender

Quantity: 1

Inclusion Bar - Almonds + Blueberries + Lavender. Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Lavender Geranium Steamers

Shower Steamers/Lavender Geranium

Quantity: 1

These calming lavender shower steamers relax body and mind and are perfect for evening showers. Each box contains 2 lavender geranium shower steamers. 

Sisal Brush

Sisal Exfoliating Dry Brush

Quantity: 1

Sisal Dry Brush with Vegan Sisal Bristles.

As the name suggests, a dry brush does not require water. Use a circular motion across your skin to lift dead skin cells and increase circulation.

Hand Cream

Aronyx Vegan Hand Cream Lotion/La Foret

Quantity: 1

Vegan nourishing hand cream. Infused with Ceramide to strengthen skin barriers to avoid dehydration and protect skin from external aggressors. Packed with plant-derived butter and oil, including Shea Butter and Avocado Oil, to deliver deep hydration to dry skin and keep skin moisturized all day long.

La Foret: A smoky woody musk scent.//Top: Rose, Plum Blossom; Middle: Sandalwood, Cedarwood; Last: Amber, White Musk

Aromatherapy essential Oil Necklace

Mandala Aromatherapy Essential Oil Necklace Jewelry

Quantity: 1

Take the benefits on the go with our aromatherapy necklace. The necklace features a locket style compartment that is able to store a absorbent felt pad. The necklace comes with 12 reusable colors, gift box, and instructions. Aromatherapy jewelry make beautiful and useful gifts for family and friends for all occasions.