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Calm Spa Gift

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We all have rainy days but there is always someone who knows how to uplift the spirits. Be that person, send this calming, cleansing and refreshing bath set to the one who needs to relax and restore.

Calm Spa Gift Includes:

  • Lavender Eye Pillow
  • Foaming Bath Salt
  • Chamomile and Lavender Bath Tea
  • Goat Milk Lavender Handmade Soap
  • Acacia Wood Candle
  • Just Breathe Roller
  • Facial Steam
  • Hand and Cuticle Salve
  • Personalized Note
  • White Wash Keepsake Box
  • Ribbon


Calm Spa Gift contents:

Foaming Bath Salts

Quantity: 1

Our Foaming Bath Salts are a combination of soothing Epsom Salts, Fizz, and lots of Bubbles. They are also full of premium nourishing oil blends, high quality essential oils and natural ingredients such as organic aloe powder, cucumber peel, green tea extract, chamomile extract and kaolin clay(see individual product label for full ingredient list).

Our Foaming Bath Salts contain foaming agent Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is a fine white powder, with mild odor, derived from coconut oil. Naturally derived from coconut, sodium cocoyl isethionate is readily biodegradable. It is not only natural but it out-performs other surfactants because it provides dense creamy lather. It leaves your skin feeling soft and silky. It is considered to be a gentle foaming and cleansing ingredient used  in products like soaps, bath bombs, bubble bars and shampoo. This mild, natural surfactant is also great in bubble baths!

greeting card

Greeting Cards

Quantity: 1

Greeting Cards for all Occasions

Hand Salve

Hand & Cuticle Salve

Quantity: 1

Hand and Cuticle Salve

Herbal Facial Steam

Herbal Facial Steam

Quantity: 1

 This  gorgeous blend of all natural botanicals and pure essential oils helps to open pores and prepare the face for a deep cleaning.

Includes: Calendula, Chamomile, Rose, Lavender, Comfrey, Peppermint, Cornflowers, and Essential Oils

Goat Milk Lavender Soap Bar

Bar Soap - Goat Milk Lavender

Quantity: 1

This Goat Milk Lavender soap has a gentle aroma that leaves you calm and grounded. The rich lather from our blend of organic oils, shea butter, and ground oats gently cleanses and exfoliates while moisturizing and providing essential vitamins and nutrients.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, organic sunflower oil, raw goat milk, organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic ground oats
Made in United States of America

Eye Pillow with Lavender

Spa Privé - Satin Eye Pillow with Lavender

Quantity: 1

Escape to a place of peace and tranquility with our pure silk eye pillow filled with calming French lavender.


Satin & Cotton

Zenful Sleep Roller

Zenful Sleep Roller Blend

Quantity: 1

Feeling un-zzzleepy? Soothe out your senses with this crystal infused roller blend. It’s beautifully blended with aromatic oils of lavender and Roman chamomile to facilitate peace and relaxation before you teleport to dream world. You will also be reaping the healing properties of the amethyst crystal that’s infused in the roller blend. Infused with lavender buds, cornflower petals, and rose petals.

Bath Tea

Bath Tea - Chamomile & Lavender

Quantity: 1

Chamomile & Lavender Ingredients: Dried lavender buds, sea salt, bentonite clay, chamomile flower powder, lavender essential oil

Lavender Acacia Bawl Candle

Acacia Wood Bowl Candle, Lavender

Quantity: 1

Hand poured Soy Candle made with Lavender Essential Oil in a reusable Acacia Wood Bowl

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