Mommy and Me Basket

Mommy and Me Gift Basket

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Our new mommy and me basket is an ultimate gift for both, mommy and the baby. It includes carefully selected natural and organic skin products for mom and chemical free essentials for the baby.

Mommy and Me Gift Basket Includes:

  •   Wee Kiddo
  •  Goddess Energy Roller Blend
  •  La Push Soap
  •   Silicone Pocket Bib/ Soft Pink
  •  Smoothing Sea Collagen Sheet Mask
  •  Blooming Belly Balm
  • Super Mom Leather and Velvet Keychain
  •  OBX Soy Candle 5 oz
  •  Eye Creme: Blue Tansy + Sea Collagen
  • Personalized Card
  • Large Natural Basket
  • Ribbon

Mommy and Me Gift Basket contents:

greeting card

Greeting Cards

Quantity: 1

Greeting Cards for all Occasions

Wee Kido

Wee Kiddo

Quantity: 1

Wee Kiddo features a soft coat of swirly, snuggle-down fur, and his paws and ears are lined with cozy white velour. A hand-embroidered face shows off Wee Kiddo’s shiny brown eyes, friendly smile and rosy nose!

Rosemary Mint Soap

La Push Soap

Quantity: 1


Restore your body and energize the mind. This herbaceous uplifting blend can rejuvenate the heart and give insight to the mind's eye. Refreshing and restoring


Silicone Pocket Bib/ Soft Pink

Quantity: 1

Its soft food grade silicone is soft and easy to clean. Its bottom suction ensures the bowl to stay put and do not end up on the floor! Pull the tab to release suction, it is mess free! Comes with a lid to keep the food fresh and store it for the next meal.

Sea Collagen Mask

Smoothing Sea Collagen Sheet Mask

Quantity: 1

Bonnie Smoothing Sea Collagen Sheet Mask is a 100% cotton mask saturated with collagen-rich serum. Collagen derived from algae has a unique moisture-binding ability, instantly making skin appear plump and smooth. Wakame and gotu kola extracts help increase cell metabolism and collagen synthesis, reduce effects of oxidative stress, and improve skin strength and resilience. All skin types can benefit from this mask.

Belly Balm

Blooming Belly Balm

Quantity: 1

A rich balm made with calendula, chamomile and lavender infused rice bran oil married with raw beeswax and shea butter for promoting superior health for the stretching skin of pregnant bellies.

INGREDIENTS: Raw Shea Butter, Beeswax, Flower Infused Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide, Lavender Essential Oil.
Made in United States of America

Moxy Blush


Quantity: 1

Sweet N Swag Moxys are a uniquely designed shoe that combines the comfort of a moccasin with the classic and modern look of a Mary Jane sandal. Moxy is made of premium Vegan Leather and comes with an elastic opening which allows our Moxys to stay comfortably on your child’s foot while adjusting to their individual foot shape and size.

Super Mom Keychain

Super Mom Leather and Velvet Keychain

Quantity: 1
  • Super Mom Keychain
  • Handmade
  • Genuine Leather


Eye Cream

Eye Creme: Blue Tansy + Sea Collagen

Quantity: 1

Inspired by the iridescent blue-green crystal known for healing and strengthening, AQUA AURA Reparative Eye Creme is restorative and awakening. Featuring a brightening + hydrating combination of Seaweed Collagen, Blue Tansy, potent antioxidants, replenishing plant oils and soothing actives for an eye area that looks firmer and feels stronger.

Goddess Roller

Goddess Energy Roller

Quantity: 1

The Goddess Energy roller blend was inspired to release lower energies while harnessing your feminine energies. Apply to your pulse points and templates as needed. Notes of rose and lavender.
Made in United States of America

1 customer reviews

Elena Black May 15 2019
Great present for a new mommy!

This is an amazing gift for a new mommy! My girlfriend was so thrilled to receive this basket for her baby shower! All the products are organic and the outfits are super adorable :) Packaging is done very professionally, nothing moved during delivery so when you open the box its just like on the pic! Highly recommend!